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We pride ourselves on following a set of core values that embody the culture of how we live each day. 


Live For The Greater Good



Dream Big

Find The Fun In It 

We started our first restaurants over 30 years ago and many of them have evolved throughout the years by listening to what our guests have asked of us. We strive to bring the best of what the food food has to offer in a reasonably priced manner for the masses. This is one of the hardest things to achieve, but no one said that being exceptional was easy. 

One World Market - Novi, Michigan

Welcome to the largest Japanese grocery store in Michigan! We have a wide variety of Japanese grocery items, specialty produce, and the highest quality seafood including sashimi grade fish.


You can find everything you need to prepare Japanese dishes at home. Thinly sliced beef for sukiyaki or shabu shabu, unique sauces and traditional seasonings. In addition to Japanese groceries, we sell Japanese cosmetics, cookware and Asian beer, wine and spirits. Our chefs make sushi and bento boxes fresh everyday. Order online or grab a favorite roll from the to-go cooler.

One World Market - in store images-209.jpg

Noble Fish Sushi & Market - Clawson, Michigan

Noble Fish has been a staple of the Clawson, MI community for over 30 years. Opening its doors in 1984 and adding a kitchen in 1991, the tiny Japanese market and sushi bar has continued to serve their community unique Japanese products and cuisine. In 1998 Takayuki “Guchi-san” Sakaguchi became the manager and built Noble Fish into the quirky fan favorite that it is today!


Born on a tiny island in Kyuushu, Japan; Guchi-san came to the American Midwest and worked in several sushi restaurants before taking over Noble Fish. His knowledge and passion for top quality seafood put Noble Fish sushi on the map long before the sushi craze hit Michigan.


One World Market - studio images-124.jpg

White Wolf Japanese Patisserie - Clawson, Michigan

"Food transcends barriers and brings people together. Families become closer, acquaintances become friends, people become whole. Food is our culture, our center, our spirit. Join us in celebrating and sharing authentically traditional and uniquely creative recipes that will last in the memories of the people who matter most."

You’re a part of our ever-changing selections as much as our tradition of 500-year-old Japanese bread-making. We listen because it’s not perfect until you find it delicious. From An Pan and Shokupan to Tiramisu, and our famous Matcha Mille Crepe Cake, each piece is artfully crafted by hand with precision and patience, using locally sourced, organic and sustainably grown ingredients. What can we prepare for you?


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